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Fitek B2B e-invoices

B2B (Business to Business) is commercial relationship between two enterprises, which use e-commerce systems in business transactions. Fitek B2B e-invoices is solution that helps enterprises to send and receive electronic invoices in most effective way.

Fitek B2B system ensures invoices receiving and import directly/exactly in payment system.

Different enterprises use different accounting or enterprise resource planning systems as Tilde, Horizon, HansaFinancials, Axapta, Navision, Oracle and tens of others. Every such system has its own data export and import model.

Fitek B2B systems ensure fast and trusty invoice demonstration and data exchange between these systems, making necessary data transformation, invoice image generation and data and image sending.

Fitek B2B system users list is available here:

Electronic invoices

Enterprise can deliver invoices and other document to its customers not only as usual- via post, but also electronically - through webpage channel. This is much faster and cheaper.

If your prepared documents has number and creation date - you can save money by using documents electronic delivery.

Your services receivers will get invoices faster and will have possibility to check them in the same way as printed, and to make payment at once via one of the partner banks or with a payment card. has more than 350 000 users, and this number continue to grow.

Electronic documents on-line archive

Long-time passed from the moment, when integral part of the enterprise was kilometres long shelves. There was kept documents, and sometimes searching for needed took several hours. web page provides enterprises modern solution - electronic documents on-line archive.

In On-line archive you can keep all electronically prepared documents - invoices, statements, agreements or documents containing other information. In the on-line archive every document can be viewed separately or you can get the list of documents with possibility to view any of found documents in it. It is possible to discuss with customer those documents, print or send to the customer via e-mail.

There is one condition - every document should have unique identifier, which can be used for document search.

On-line archive and web page can be reached in two ways:

  • using user name and password;

This option is good, if planned document requests quantity is small.

  • By using direct link, that is integrated into current enterprise software.

Archive is recommended for employees, who regularly view documents. Customers and/or document data should be found in internal enterprise software - one click and operator can see requested document image in PDF format on screen.

Electronic documents on-line archive has many advantages in comparison with traditional paper document archive or electronic data without image:

  • speed - documents in on-line archive are available before they will be received by Company's recipients;
  • compliance - documents in on-line archive looks exactly the same as paper or electronic documents, which facilitates customer service work with Service recipients;
  • convenient search - documents in on-line archive can be searched by one or more parameters, found and viewed fast;
  • storage life - electronic documents in on-line archive can be stored for unlimited period of time;
  • Economy - by storage, search and use in everyday life on-line archive, Enterprise gets perfect possibility to save money on a space necessary for keeping paper documents, and also on salaries for archive employees, radically increasing effectiveness in the same time.

E-archive Demo version

Invoices WorkFlow

Does your enterprise receive a lot of invoices/bills, which should be uploaded to the accounting system? Should they be approved by several employees? What if employee is not in place or is on a business trip? What if their offices located in different places? Are invoices paid in time? Smart move in all these cases - WorkFlow documents system!

WorkFlow system is created for received invoices processing move to electronic environment, process automation and cost reduction.

WorkFlow system provides:

  • Received invoices digitalization;
  • Invoices electronic circulation for approval. Circulation conditions can be flexible;
  • All received invoices storage in electronic form. Possibility to view anytime any invoice, even if you are not in the office;
  • Invoice data receiving with possibility for editing and/or recording to your accounting system, internal bookkeeping accounts;
  • Approved invoices data sending to accounting system for payment.

WorkFlow system is compatible with the biggest part of popular accounting and enterprise management systems.