Apply for receiving of bills - ! is an internet portal providing a possibility to apply for and receive e-bills from companies that have joined the system.

If you like conveniences and you use internet actively e-bills give you an opportunity disregarding your location to receive and / or pay bills sent to you.

Application procedure consists of two or four steps.

THE FIRST STEP: input of ID number

In the first step you need to input your ID number and click on the button "Next>".

System will check if your ID number already exists in our current or previous system.

If you already are customer of (or you will be invited to connect to - your username will be filled in. You will only need to input the password.

If you are not a customer of (or you will be invited to the next step.

THE SECOND STEP: choice of internetbank for authorisation

In the second step with an aim to verify that ID number you have given really belongs to you, you will be asked to choose the internetbank of one of co-operation Banks of and to click on its logo.

By clicking on logo you will be redirected to the connection page of the internetbank you have chosen where you will be asked to input your username, password and code. If the internetbank connection procedure will be successful you will get to the third step - return to the page as already authorised user.

THIRD STEP: return from Internetbank to the and choice of the company (companies)

When returning from the Internetbank you will get to the page for choice of the Company (Companies) whose e-bills you want to receive through

FOURTH STEP: conclusion of the agreement

By applying for receiving of e-bill from a Company through you become a user of  The username (you will be able to change it later if you wish) and temporary password (which you will have to change in the first time of connection) will be sent to the e-mail address given in your Application.

In case of necessity feel free to call us on business days from 10 till 17 by phone 67 066 515 or write us at