AMNK - automatic payments from payment cards

AMNK (Frequently Asked Questions)

The service "Automatic Payments from Payment Cards" (AMNK) offers to pay for the services provided by different companies through an automatic payment from a payment card. The service is available to all Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cardholders regardless of the card issuing bank and country.

AMNK service is provided in cooperation with bank and payment card data processing center.

AMNK offers additional convenience for payers, providing automatic payments, and organizing exchange of payment information between company and its customers.

All what is necessary for invoice payer - login to portal, and fill electronically AMNK application. Information about AMNK agreements will be presented in portal, and detailed transactions report in your bank account statement.

Automated Payments from Payment Cards - the list of the cooperation companies

  • BaletaKlase
  • Baltcom SIA
  • BITE Latvija SIA
  • Clean R SIA
  • Dzirkstele SIA
  • E-mobi (Unifiedpost)
  • Enefit SIA
  • G4S Latvia AS
  • Izdevniecība Dienas Mediji SIA
  • Izdevniecība Rīgas Viļņi SIA
  • Laikraksts Ziemeļlatvija SIA
  • Latvenergo AS
  • Latvijas Mobilais Telefons SIA
  • My Fitness SIA
  • Neste Latvija SIA
  • Reģionu Mediji SIA
  • Rīgas ūdens SIA
  • Tavs Fitness (FIT FITNESS studija sievietēm)
  • Zemgales ziņas SIA