ERRA (Frequently asked questions)

What is ERRA?

ERRA (Electronic regular billing) is a service that combines billing management and payment through credit transfer from the Payer's Bank account to the Company's Bank account. Issued Invoices are regularly automatically paid from the Payer's Bank account.

Which bank customers have access to this service?

This service is available to all AS "Citadele banka", Luminor and Industra Bank customers.

What is the price of the ERRA service?

The price of a single payment service is determined by the bank. The price depends on whether the transfer is made to another account within the Bank (if the Company whose services are paid for is a customer of the same Bank) or to account of another Bank (if the Company whose services are paid for has an account in another Bank). *

Bank Internal Banking Commission (EUR) Interbank Commission (EUR)
Citadele banka 0.28 0.36
Luminor Bank
0.36 0.36
Industra Bank 0.28 0.36

*Prices on 12.02.2018.

How to apply for ERRA service?

Apply for ERRA service at:

  • Your Bank by filling ERRA agreement form;
  • Online banking;
  • Company (if the Company has an agreement with Unifiedpost of such an application type);
  • Electronically by authorizing at
    • with your username and password, if you are a user of;


    • via your internet bank, if you are an internet bank user of Unifiedpost co-operation bank, by choosing portal in the E-services section.


At under Automatic payments choosing option From bank account (ERRA).

How to conclude an ERRA Agreement?

At under Automatic payments -> From bank account (ERRA).



On the list:

  • Name of the bank - choose your bank,
  • Company - choose a Company whose services you want to pay for.

Click OK.

These fields are mandatory:

  • Customer No. or Contract No., or Customer identification number, or Subscriber No. utc.(number assigned by the Company whose bills you want to pay for);
  • Maximum single payment limit. (If the Invoice amount exceeds the limit the Payment is not processed or is paid to the extent of the maximum Payment limit; it depends on whether the Company allows for partial Payment of the Invoice).


What does ERRA agreement section "Partial Payment" means?

If when filling ERRA agreement you check the "Partial Payment" option, then the Payment will take place:

  • According to the Payment limit if the amount of the Invoice is higher than the specified limit;
  • Of amount (which is less than the amount of the Invoice), that is equal to the Bank account's balance on Payment due day (net of Bank commissions).

Where can I see if the ERRA agreement is concluded successfully?

The ERRA agreement status can be viewed under Automatic payments, choosing From bank account (ERRA).

When ERRA becomes operational?

The ERRA agreement shall enter into force no earlier than the first day of the following month unless the Payer has specified a different start date.

What is the ERRA agreement validity period?

The ERRA agreement shall enter into force no earlier than the first day of the following month unless the Payer has specified a different start date.

The ERRA agreement is considered to be an open-ended unless the Payer has specified other end date (making a note in the "Valid to" and selecting an end date).

What data can be corrected and how to make changes in the ERRA agreement?

The following data can be changed in the ERRA agreement:

  • phone number;
  • e-mail;
  • maximum single payment limit;
  • agreement end date;
  • note of a partial payment;
  • the number of attempts.

Under Automatic payments -> From bank account (ERRA) over the active agreement select "Edit". After the data has been changed it must be confirmed by clicking Change.

Where can I see the invoice paid by ERRA?

The invoices for which payment the ERRA agreement is valid can be viewed through online banking and at under Invoices/Documents.

How and when payments are made?

Payments are made after receiving the invoice from the company for which services you want to pay. The first Payment is made thus days before the due date as the specified number of attempts (3-24 including due date). If the Customer does not indicate a different number of attempts, 3 attempts are made. The last attempt is made on the payment due date, if it is a holiday, on the previous business day; one attempt per day.

When will the Company receive the information on the completed Payment?

The payment information will be received on Company's bank statement on the day the payment is made.

I have concluded an ERRA agreement, but the payment has not been completed. Why did I not receive any notification?

To receive notifications of ERRA service activities you should indicate your e-mail address at the ERRA agreement. If the e-mail address is already listed, please check its accuracy. Check if not exceeding the incoming e-mail limit.

How can I cancel Payment of a single ERRA invoice?

The Customer can cancel one particular ERRA Invoice Payment if the Payment information is not yet sent to the Bank. Cancel ERRA Invoice Payment at under Invoices/Documents by opening the invoice, whose Payment you want to cancel and click "Cancel payment" on the left side of the page or by contacting your Bank.

How to cancel the ERRA agreement?

Under Automatic payments -> From bank account (ERRA) over the active agreement entry select "Cancel ERRA".