Electronic billing service (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need e-bills?

If you like conveniences and you use internet actively e-bills give you an opportunity disregarding your location to receive and / or pay bills sent to you from Companies. For instance you can surely go on vacation not worrying about piling up of bills in your mailbox leaving you at risk of calculation of penalty fees and stopping of provision of services if bills are not paid in time.

Major advantage is that you receive e-bills significantly faster than paper bill via mail.

How can I apply for e-bills?

The Company from which you wish to receive bills in electronic form should be on the list of co-operation Companies of Unifiedpost.

If it is the first Application for e-bill you require more information can be obtained in the respective Company.

You can apply for e-bill:

  • electronically at www.rekini.lv upon authorization:

    • with rekini.lv user name and password if you are a rekini.lv user;


    • If you use the internet bank the application is possible in the respective internet bank.


E-bill applications:


Choose a separate Company from which you want to receive e-invoices:


What do I need for review of e-bills?

You need to have Adobe Reader software installed on your PC for reviewing of e-bills. If the PC is connected to the network of a company, please ask your system administrator for assistance or download this software for free on www.adobe.com

The bill in Adobe PDF format is identical to the document in paper form. Some Companies offer their Customers to receive e-bills also in other formats. Those being XML - data base in text format that can be easily used for information processing and CSV - data file for opening with Microsoft Excel software.

How do I know that I have received new e-bill?

Every time when e-bill has been prepared for review an e-mail message will be sent to you to the e-mail address given by you. The message will contain link leading you to the specific bill. The only thing you will need to do is to input the password.

If the e-bill will not be reviewed and the payment deadline is approaching the system rekini.lv will send you the repeated notification - reminder.

E-bill notification has not been received at the e-mail address. Is it possible to resend the notification again?

If the e-bill notification has not been received at the e-mail address you have a possibility to get authorised in rekini.lv where all electronically prepared bills for the last 6 months are kept under your name.

If you require the notification being sent to you again please write the letter of request to the e-mail address helpdesk@rekini.lv.

Is it possible to review electronically prepared bills in the attachment of an e-mail message?

It is possible if the respective co-operation Agreement has agreed with Unifiedpost on possibility to send the bill as an attachment to e-mail message.

How can I change the e-mail address to which I want to receive e-bill notifications in future?

E-mail address can be changed in section "Setting" -> "Profile" of rekini.lv.

After several unsuccessful attempts to input password the notification "Invalid username / password". What do I do in such situation?

In these circumstances you can ask for new temporary password by clicking on hyperlink shown in the notification on readiness of a new e-bill or by sending the letter of request to the e-mail address helpdesk@rekini.lv.

Where can I see my username?

When you become a e-bill recipient in the system of Unifiedpost rekini.lv an e-mail message with your user name and temporary password is sent to your e-mail address. If you have not received such e-mail message please write the letter of request to the e-mail address helpdesk@rekini.lv.

Username consists of 8-10 capital letters. Usually when you click on hyperlink with prepared e-bill notification the username in authorisation page appears automatically. If the e-mail program has created "damaged" or "inactive" link you can access your e-bills from rekini.lv.

How can I change the username?

Username can be changed in section "Setting" -> "Profile" of rekini.lv.

How much does it cost?

E-bills for customers are free of charge.

In separate cases the Company can collect from you additional fee if you choose to receive bills in two ways: via mail and electronically. Ask your Company!

Where is it possible to see the payment confirmation after I have paid the invoice by card?

The payment confirmation documents are available in the Bills / Documents tab. Click on the "Payment confirmation" located on the left side.

How can I cancel the receiving of e-invoice?

You can cancel the receiving of e-invoice in following way:

1. step

Send e-mail from the e-invoice address to Unifiedpost Customer Support: helpdesk@rekini.lv,


by authorizing at rekini.lv:

  • with username and password if you are user of this system;

  • using your internet bank, if you are Internet Bank user in one of Unifiedpost co-operation banks;


2. step

Choose section "E-invoice applications".


3. step

Change status of your active agreement to "Cancel contract".