Luminor | Nordea internetbank

You can connect to the system from the internetbank of the Luminor | Nordea banka.

After the authorization in internetbank you have to choose "E-services" (E-pakalpojumi) (1) from the functional menu in the top of the window.

SOLO (Nordea banka) - 1


There is a description of the service and the link "Account statements, e-bills, giro payments" (2) in the subdivision "Other service providers" by clicking on what you will be redirected to the web site for:

  • review / print out / saving / payment of e-bills received;
  • filling in new applications;
  • changing data / canceling of existing applications;

SOLO (Nordea banka) - 2

When applying for the e-invoices, please fill in your e-mail address to which you will receive your user name and password for the site use.
You  also will receive notices on the e-mail address about the company prepared new e-invoices.